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Mini Mozart

Commercials, Documentary
About This Project

What happens at a Mini Mozart class?

Have you ever wondered what happens at a Mini Mozart class? Wonder no more!

Mini Mozart is a fun and interactive live music class for babies and toddlers. The classes feature two or more live instruments; a clarinet, violin, flute, French horn, saxophone or trumpet with a piano accompanist.

The idea of Mini Mozart is to get children actually listening, not just hearing. Children interact with our live musicians in a way that is impossible with recorded music.

It’s hard to say which will be your favourite part of the class; the warm up where the teachers introduce their instruments allowing your little one to get up close and touch the instruments, or the part where they reveal their suitcase full of fun props that will entice your child on an interactive musical adventure.

Mini Mozart is a really unique pre school music class.

Can’t put your figure on the music? What better tune to go with our smiling, bouncing Mini Mozarts than Pharrell’s Happy performed by USA based string trio Simply Three. These guys are absolutely phenomenal! If you haven’t heard or seen them before do check out their amazing arrangements and stunning videos of other chart toppers via their website, Facebook, YouTube and iTunes!


Executive Producer/ Production manager: Terry Johnson

DOP: Chidube Ogbeleje, Fabian

Sound: Zhara Youssef

Editor/Graphic designer: Chidube Ogbeleje